Stevens Point Area YMCA Foundation
2020-2021 Board of Trustees and Officers



Board Members                                      Term
Ex Officio Member, YMCA Board of Directors President
Scott Glinski                                                                2020-2022

Lizz Schneider                                                   2020-2021 (1 year Extension)
Dave Marie                                                                  2019-2022 (3rd Term)
Carol Pringle                                                                2019-2022 (3rd Term)
Liz Kammer                                                                 2020-2023 (3rd Term)
Dan Revai                                                                   2018-2021 (2nd Term)
Jerry King                                                                   2018-2021 (2nd Term)
Joe Kinsella Jr.                                                            2018-2021 (2nd Term)
Katie Young                                                                2019-2022 (2nd Term)

Sumeet Goel                                                              2019-2022 (2nd Term)
Rachael Gadbois                                                         2020-2023 (2nd Term)
Mary Ann Nigbor                                                         2020-2023 (2nd Term)
Tim Borchardt                                                             2018-2021 (1st Term)
Bill Bushman                                                              2019-2022 (1st Team)
Justin Anderson                                                          2019-2022 (1st Term)

Director Emeritus: Bob Taylor, Jay Warner, Sr.,
Jerry O’Brien, E. George May, Marg Coker-Nelson,
Edie Kraus (In Memoriam), Joan Joerns (In Memoriam)
and Helen Godfrey (In Memoriam).

Foundation Executive Committee
Liz Kammer, Chairperson            Kelly Caughlan, Ex Officio, Staff
Dan Revai, Chairperson-Elect      Sharon Johnson, Ex Officio, Staff 
Rachael Gadbois, Treasurer
Lizz Schneider, Past Chair

For more information on making a gift to the the YMCA Foundation,
please contact Kelly Caughlan – Foundation Director
P 715-342-2980 Ext. 320   E


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