Y Member Stories: Linda Shilt


Linda joined the Y last year after her doctor recommended that she enroll in the Diabetes Management Program, a 12-week exercise and nutrition program designed to help participants manage their diabetes through exercise and nutrition. After her diagnosis, she knew she needed some extra help managing her weight and improving her health, so she enrolled in the program and, within just one year, she now needs fewer insulin injections, her seizures are under control, and she is seeing the overall emotional and physical benefits from weight loss.

Linda worked closely with her trainer, Nancy, who Linda calls her “inspiration.” Nancy helped her to find the strength to push through her initial pain and discomfort and helped to keep Linda positive through all of her physical challenges. Linda urges all of us: “Don’t give up. Keep trying. There will always be challenges, but that means you need to try something else or push harder. … Keep telling yourself you can when things get tough.”

Although Linda has seen some profound physical benefits to her exercise regime, she also notes that she is becoming more outgoing. She enjoys seeing other members regularly and having the opportunity to smile and laugh with the friends she has met at the Y. Even more importantly, Linda recognizes that “dreams do come true” but that dreams take a lot of hard work and effort. She insists, “It will happen in time. Don’t give up on yourself.”

Thank you, Linda, for sharing your inspiring success story!


We love having the opportunity to hear—and share—Y member success stories, so if someone at the Y has inspired you, please stop by the front desk and nominate them to share their story!

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