Serving the underserved has always been at the heart of the Y. We are a place where everyone – including those with physical and/or developmental challenges – can come together in a safe and fun environment to play sports and attend social events. We believe sports, fun and exploring new interests are for everyone. Along with improving health, our adapted recreation programs offer the added benefit of connecting people. Our adapted programs have a beautiful way of bringing people together – from adapted participants to staff, to other Y members, to volunteers. There is no better example of creating and maintaining a balanced spirit, mind, and body.

Our wonderful Adapted Recreation programs are possible, in large part, due to generous financial support by the United Way of Portage County!

Program Guide

Here are the Adapted Recreation Programs we offer:

Fitness & Sports

Take your pick! We offer a chance for athletes to try just about any sport or athletic activity they can dream of, including soccer, track & field, basketball, bocce, bowling, group exercise, swimming, and gymnastics. Everyone is a winner, and fun is had by all!

Social Development

Hang out with friends! We offer some great opportunities for adapted recreation participants to socialize and have a good time, including dances, field trips, and designated social times.

And There’s More

While many of our adapted recreation programs are geared towards adults with physical and cognitive challenges, we also offer programs for children, including Special Olympics for young athletes, and the Special Kids in Organized Recreation (S.K.O.R.) program for children. For a complete listing of our adapted recreation programs, please see our Program Guide.