How does the camp experience benifit your child?

“Camp Orkila is a confidence builder for Conor.  He seems more mature when he returns from camp, and excited about meeting new young people from other places.” –Malayka and Tom, Mom and Dad 

“Ellis had the ‘time of her life.’  The power of being with young people, nature, and clear values, allows for growth, change and insight.  I feel this was a wonderful chance for my daughter to discover her power, beauty and value with other like-minded young adults.” –Josie, Mother 

“He had two weeks away from cell phones and electronic devices.  He did Mariners Sailing and he said he had a lot of time to think about his life and what he wanted for his future.  He seemed more certain and mature.” –Kathleen, Mother 

Locations: Camp Colman
Category: Community Outreach